Labour relations are an integral and constant part of any company’s business and impose a number of obligations on employers that should not be performed just formally. Our experience shows that the lack of attention to compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code often leads to violations, the consequences of which can be difficult or impossible to remedy. In addition to this, they can be extremely costly and damaging for a company such as in the case of litigation with employees or claims from governmental authorities and potential sanctions.

We are of the opinion that most such disputes and conflicts can be avoided if a company seeks qualified legal assistance at the right time. At the early stage of a conflict or dispute with a governmental authority or an employee, a professional lawyer can promptly devise effective ways to resolve it. To this end, our Corporate Law Department has been operating successfully within the GRATA International structure for a long time. One of the focuses of the Department is labour law.

Our services in the domain of Employment Law:

  • Drafting/reviewing bylaws, internal policies, model employment contracts, HR documentation
  • Advising on adaptation and implementation of internal policies of foreign companies in Russian subsidiaries
  • Advising on engaging foreign employees, legal support in migration procedures, legal due diligence of authorizations obtained and compliance with migration formalities by employers
  • Audit of HR documentation in order to reveal and eliminate defects and avoid sanctions to be imposed by controlling authorities
  • Ongoing support of employers on employment matters on a daily basis and/or as complex issues arise, including in course of redundancy, dismissals, and dissolution of companies
  • Legal support of employers in course of state labour audits, i.e., by labour inspection, prosecutors, etc.
  • Pre-judicial settlement and representation in courts on employment and employment related disputes

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