GRATA International’s Dispute Resolution practice significantly varies from the practices of other local and international law firms in Kazakhstan. Our main distinctions are that our team consists of lawyers who have been previously employed at the best international law firms and our commitment to provide a high level of service within the budget of local law firm. Moreover, our team includes former judges with extensive experience exceeding 30 years of work in courts of different kinds, allowing us to use this experience in the interests of our clients. Our third distinction is that GRATA’s Dispute Resolution practice focuses primarily on litigation and dispute issues, making us specialists in the complexities of litigation commanding more extensive knowledge than other law firms’ lawyers, who usually focus their practice on different areas of law and offer representation in courts in addition. The fourth distinction is that, unlike the majority of international law firms, we offer a fixed rate, while in some cases we can offer a payment depending on the results of the court proceedings. Finally, the most important, distinction is that key decisions offered to the client are discussed by a legal team comprised of two or three lawyers, enabling us to make a deliberate and efficient team decision.

Our services:

  • Advising and representing in courts over bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures.
  • Protection against illegal takeover.
  • Pretrial dispute settlement.
  • Representation in courts (civil and administrative proceedings, court proceedings involving state agencies).
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings.
  • Legal support during enforcement proceedings (development of plans for protection of debtors).
  • Enforcement of court acts and arbitral awards.
  • Injunctive relief measures in foreign arbitrage proceedings.
  • Legal due diligence including internal investigations.
  • Advising on structuring of transactions and investments from a dispute resolution point of view (issues concerning applicable law, legal venue, investment protection according to international law).
  • Legal support during inspections carried out by state agencies. 1

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