Auto Webinars

``Regulation of labor relations between a Belarusian company and a foreign distance employee``

At the auto-webinar, GRATA International specialists Oksana Shakhlai and Maria Azarova will talk about the procedure for accepting foreigners for remote work in a Belarusian company:

  • Obtaining work permits.
  • Hiring a foreigner.
  • Registration of an employment contract with the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Republic of Belarus.


  • Why is permission required?
  • What documents are required to hire a foreign employee?
  • Is it possible to use electronic digital signatures (EDS) obtained in a foreign country for the exchange of documents between an employer and a foreign employee?
  • Position of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on the issue of attracting foreign specialists to Belarus, who will continue to work abroad.

``Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Belarus``

As part of the auto-webinar, junior associate Angelina Goretskaya will talk about the procedure for handling personal data in Belarus and about information protection measures provided for by Belarusian legislation.


  • Information related to basic and additional personal data.
  • The effect of the GDPR on the territory of Belarus.
  • Responsibility for violation of the procedure for handling personal data.
  • Personal data of the employee.
  • “The right to be forgotten.”